Customers and fashion influencers are having conversations about brands on social media.

Get them to talk about yours.

Did you know that:

Influencer marketing is to thank for 86% of the total earned media value for the top 30 fashion brands?

Come again, please.

Eighty. Six. Percent.

Influencer marketing could be your key to success in a fashion industry that gets more and more competitive.

Both because you can reach and engage your dream customers, and because it gives you a greater ROI than other traditional marketing channels. But you cannot do it without the right influencer marketing tool and the right data.

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Hear it from Kicks

“Before Woomio, we had another software tool. However, it did not give us as much information as we would hope in terms of KPIs and data. Today with Woomio, we set up lists and make different campaigns accordingly. Now, we have all the insights we need on the influencers to be able to make the right decisions on who to add to our campaigns.

Once the campaign is set we monitor them through Woomio. In this way, we don’t miss out on any content, and we check if the influencers have posted as agreed. To get the most accurate outcome we also put in the campaign cost. After the campaign is done, we make reports and analyze the results.

Using Woomio definitely saves us time on a daily basis. Our influencers are very pleased with our new email send-outs due to the more inviting design of context and photos. Regarding the KPIs, we can now measure more areas, which is a big benefit for us. Some key metrics that we look for are the number of impressions, reach, engagement, CPTI, and of course the ROI.”

Make topnotch influencer marketing

Woomio: Your data-driven tool for topnotch influencer marketing

Woomio helps you discover relevant and/or local fashion influencers who know how to engage your target audience in, what feels like, one-on-one tryouts. And they know how to present your clothes, bags, or accessories in a way that makes the audience say: “I want that look!” You, therefore, get to make collabs with influencers who can drive traffic to your shop. Whether it’s online or around the corner.

Data =

Working the Woomio way will grow your ROI on your influencer marketing

Not ‘only’ because you get a ‘data-delish’ platform to help you make profitable decisions in your everyday tasks, but you also get an influencer marketing specialist who will act as your account manager and sparring partner. We also facilitate optimized work processes that go from influencer discovery to reporting.

With Woomio, you can:

Sounds pretty cool, right?
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