Looking for an influencer marketing specialist... who can make you a specialist?

We don’t mean to brag, but… we have to: ‘Cause we got one helluva in-house team of influencer marketing specialists who bring experience and perspectives from brands, agencies, and influencers to the table.

What you get:

A personal influencer marketing specialist, ready to help you kick a** on social media.

Thorough onboarding and training so you start ‘where you are’ and end up where you want.

A tailored, actionable playbook. It ensures that everyone in your team acts strategically and aligned and that you build - and keep - your knowledge in-house.

A toolbox with customized influencer brief, contracts, and templates.

Help carry out your first successful campaign(s) with our Activation Team.

Ongoing upskilling and one-on-one sparring - and smiles.

Like every other person on planet Earth, you’ve seen those singing contests that make us cling to the screen, right?

We follow these people who get under the wings of experts, take their talent from zero to 100 in, what feels like, a split-second and do their ‘thing’ like they’ve done it all their lives. And get recognized for it.

That, my friend, is what(ish) you can look forward to when teaming up with Woomio:

We set you up with influencer marketing specialists. They’ll teach you everything they know about (top-notch) influencer marketing and, by that, send you off on a steep learning curve. When you reach the top, you’re ready to steal the spotlight on social media and be word-of-mouth with your campaigns.

Amanda Norr, Senior
Influencer Marketing Specialist

Your onboarding and training

Our onboarding crew is your first point of contact after you’ve said yes (and we’ve said “hooray!”) to work with us.

Together with your designated specialist, you and our onboarding colleagues create a tailored onboarding and training plan.

Once we know what your goals and barriers are – and how we can help you meet them and overcome them – we create a plan to get you started.

This includes a success plan that defines the decisions and actions that’ll lead you to your goals. This will be your and ours shared working document to ensure you get what you need, and at a pace that fits your needs, calendar, and deadlines.

The team is so sweet and helpful. I feel like they always go above and beyond to help me out – no matter the character of my inquiries.
Isa Tell, CEO and Founder, Tell Agency.

Strategic playbook: Your influencer marketing ‘bible’

As the first step, we’ll set you up with an influencer marketing specialist who’ll act as your account manager. They bring perspectives on a 360-degree scale into play since they’ve been sitting on both the brand’s, agency’s, and influencer’s sides of the table.

Our team of onboarding and influencer marketing specialists can ensure you a customized, actionable strategy and are always up for a professional ‘back-and-forth’ to help your team kick a** and better their workflows and results.


A toolbox with all your influencer marketing must-haves

Our team of influencer marketing specialists can create a solid groundwork for all the work your team will be doing:

The main items here are influencer brief templates, influencer contract templates, and outreach templates.

We develop all your influencer marketing must-haves in a close dialogue with you to make sure they match your brand, strategy, and goals. If you already have some of these, we’re happy to help you polish your current material.

Education and upskilling

Woomio’s specialists are so experienced within a specific area they can do it blindfolded (but they won’t, of course): In educating and upskilling customers so they can perform better, faster and more confident in their influencer marketing responsibilities.

That includes customers from the novice to the influencer marketing strategist who has made +100 campaigns.
With our education and upskilling, you can look forward to:

Insider knowledge and best practices when it comes to creating or improving your strategy.

Levelling-up your campaign execution and your everyday working processes to create better results.

Get insights on how to analyze and improve your results, and how to really measure the business impact of your influencer activities.

A holistic approach to understanding the creator space even better and how to elevate your efforts to gain even better results.

And so much more.

Hit the ground running with our team of campaign enablers

Setting up new processes takes time. And so does scaling your efforts.

That’s why our campaign enablers offer to run your first campaigns from start to finish, so you have some buffer time and get off to an ideal start. Among other promises, they’ll make sure to:

Qualify and recruit influencers based on data.

Create the outreach, plus influencer/manager outreach.

Facilitate dialogues with influencers (questions, getting addresses, negotiation, etc.).

Make contracts and briefs.

Manage and share UTM links.

Manage campaigns (monitoring and collecting the influencers’ posts).

Give proposals for future strategies based on our findings.

Evaluations and calculations of ROI, ROAS, and other desired data points.