Why and when it started

During the last decade, we’ve picked up on something. Been exposed to it. And had enough of it. Maybe you agree:

The world has been – and still is – packed with ‘more.’

More noise, more ads. More products, more sponsorships. And more chaos, more consumerism.

But audiences are fed up. And brands are burning out…

We’ve saturated our screens and, in our opinion, misused our digital presence in the hunt for a quick conversion. So, in 2013 – the early days of the creator economy – we made Woomio. To change the conversation. To challenge the way we consume and the way we build, by connecting communities and brands to improve campaigns, products, and teams. Together.

Because today, the voices that cut through the noise belong to the end-customer. Capturing their unfiltered conversations with influencers and lifting these trusted advocates is how we push for nore relevance and more meaning.

Our mindset:
Influencer marketing 3.0

So far, influencer marketing has been driven by gut feelings rather than facts. But decisions based on gut feelings only get you so far.

Especially now that the tides have shifted – and the rules of engagement have changed. We need to be open-minded to – and follow – that change. Today, the data shows that influence can’t be captured with just a click. Instead, it proves that social influence starts a ripple effect that can last beyond the first impression.

We are convinced that to make a lasting impact, brands need to aim for long-term influence. By that, they can invest their time and resources into creating an ecosystem where they nurture feedback loops between themselves, their influencers, and their dream customers.

It’s a 360-degree approach to impact that allows businesses to turn likes into longevity. It’s influencer marketing 3.0

How we roll

Woomio empowers brands and agencies to turn their influencer marketing strategy and campaigns into meaningful, lasting impact. With a long-term approach, we challenge brands to see beyond vanity metrics and capture true business impact by measuring the after-effects of influence.

We do this by enabling effective, streamlined, and automated workflows, so brands and agencies can spend more time investing in sustainable partnerships.

And we bring the software and the team to help you create strong communities by nurturing close relationships between brands, influencers, and the most important thing these have in common: Their target audience. Because those that connect – convert. Ready to make lasting impressions with us?
Did you know that…

Woomio stands for Word-of-mouth in operations?

But how do you explain the extra o, you might ask us. Well, just like James Bond, we think that it looks cooler with Double O (see what we did there?).

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