Your influencer marketing platform and features: For search, data-digging, and campaign management

Woomio is made for businesses who want an end-to-end platform to automate, align, and nail their influencer marketing.

Oh, that's you? Keep reading then.

Find and qualify your influencers

On second thought, we should’ve named our Quantify feature Sherlock Holmes: It can help you zoom in on influencers you already know whether it’s on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

You can therefore use Quantify to check and collect the influencers’ performance automatically and benchmark it against your KPIs (“toodle-oo” endless hours of manual work). 

Not least, you can check in our influencer marketing platform if the influencers have real or fake/bought followers.

If you want to download the Quantify Chrome extension for our influencer marketing platform, it’s just one click away – with an endless amount of golden data waiting for you.

Search and filter among +180 million influencers

Do you go through a day without searching on Google?

Neither do we.

It’s become addictive. And so will our Discover feature become in your influencer marketing:

It’s your go-to feature if you don’t know where to start in the search for influencers, but know the campaign criteria they have to live up to.

Be your influencer's favorite collab

With our Management feature, you’re on top of your influencer CRM – whether you have to juggle and nurture five or 500 influencers.

In our influencer marketing platform you can make tags and lists, add contact info, see past history and results, etc.

And you can write notes and other valuable info, which you’ve picked up in your communication with an influencer. These info can build the basis for strong, personal influencer relationships.

Hello, prediction and automation (and bye-bye, yawny sheets)

We’ve been just as excited as followers watching an unboxing video to tell you about our Campaigns feature and the cool stuff it can do for you:

You can use it to predict the performance and ROI of a specific influencer on your campaign. By that, you can be sure that you’ve chosen the right one before you go live.

You can look forward to customized, automated reports, and customizable live dashboards. These will give the insights you need to make confident decisions.

With Campaigns, you can easily juggle and manage your influencer lists, briefings, links, coupon codes, and monitor and collect data automatically.

Learning new software is like learning how to cook:

If you give it a go on your own, it’ll take time, trial, and error before you nail it. 

But if you ally yourself with ‘nerdy’ people who can give you masterclasses and insider tips, you not only get the most fun out of it but also the best results. Faster.

That’s why we ally you with our onboarding crew that helps you get (kick)started with Woomio’s influencer marketing platform and features.

We also offer a bad-ass team of influencer marketing specialists at your service. They help you:

Make your campaigns word-of-mouth

Create brand awareness

Kapow! your sales