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Customers and influencers discuss brands on social media.

Get them to talk about yours.
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Rikke, Director of Customer Success

Brands and webshops depend on a top-tier influencer platform, much like plants rely on oxygen

Businesses earn $6.50 in revenue for each $1 they invest in influencer marketing? 41% of consumers say they discover at least one new brand or product from an influencer every week. Need more numbers to back up your case? Here you go: link to blogpost.
Marie, Senior Influencer Marketing Strategist and Adoption Lead

You get a support-your-every move kind of tool.

With Woomio, your go-to influencer platform for brands and webshops, you can measure the impact of your efforts when identifying, collaborating with, and re-engaging influencers

Woomio is designed for teamwork and is supported by our in-house influencer marketing specialists, experienced in developing and implementing influencer strategies for businesses of all types.

Image of Marie in the Woomio Influencer platform for brands and webshops page
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Amanda, Senior Influencer Marketing Consultant

Efficiency Meets Influence: Woomio's Templates

Woomio provides a toolbox of customized templates, including influencer briefs, contracts, outreach and onboarding flows, and many more must-haves. Everything is tailored to enhance and streamline your team’s daily work with both small and large volumes of influencers.
Rikke , Campaign Enablement Team Lead

Secure your influencer investments with a Playbook

The playbook will work as your ‘influencer marketing bible’ , describing every aspect of your influencer work. This ensures that all processes are streamlined, time-efficient, and cost-effective across teams and strategies, securing your investments both now and in the future. A playbook also aids in scaling your efforts and reducing onboarding time for new employees. Our in-house specialists have experience from the brand’s, agency’s, and influencer’s perspectives. We also facilitate optimized workflows that span from influencer discovery to reporting.
Image of Rikke in the Woomio Influencer platform for brands and webshops page

Woomio's main features assist you in:

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