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“We joined Woomio three years ago. And this partnership has been an essential part of our work since. We sell campaigns and we simply could not look ourselves in the eyes if we couldn’t back our prices up with data.
It helps us showcase our influencers and stay on top of their performance. With live performance tracking, we are able to tell exactly what a brand can expect from a collaboration. So, thanks to Woomio, we can always stay professional and live up to our clients’ expectations. When it comes to reporting, I used to spend many hours filling out spreadsheets manually. With Woomio, it literally takes five minutes. Amazing to get all this time back so I can spend it in a way that benefits both the company and me.”

Benedicte Grumstrup

Founder and Agent at We Influence
“For us, Woomio has made it easier and faster for us to make data-based decisions on influencer collaborations and convey these to our clients.
The data accompanied with our qualitative analysis has ultimately created better influencer campaigns for our customers.”

Simone Holland-Møller

Founder and CEO at So Social
influencer marketing software
“Now, we have all the insights we need on the influencers to be able to make the right decisions on who to add to our campaigns.
Using Woomio definitely saves us time on a daily basis. Our influencers are very pleased with our new email send-outs. Regarding the KPIs, we can now measure more areas, which is a big benefit for us.”

Annie K. Fors

Influencer Marketing Specialist at Kicks
“We cannot do without any of the features.
But the main reason for us choosing Woomio was the Customer Success team and the way they prioritize a close partnership and ensuring transparency – like aligning expectations and setting up realistic goals – in all matters.Also, we highly valued that Woomio was able to help us ‘grow into it’ and build a strong partnership – a team spirit – along the way – and, by that, offering more than a software.”

Simone Braendgaard Tolstrup

Global Influencer Manager at Flying Tiger Copenhagen
influencer marketing software
“We save a lot of time by Woomio collecting the content from all our campaigns automatically (reels, stories, posts). It’s a lifesaver.
Also, Woomio helps us to ensure the data fit before reaching out to influencers..“

Luiza Søby

CEO and co-founder at Reeach agency
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