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Amanda, Senior Influencer Marketing Consultant

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With Woomio, you gain a superpower: saving your clients time and money by using our cutting-edge influencer tool for agencies.

Woomio enables you to work ‘influencer marketing 3.0,’ where you can predict the performance and profit of each campaign – the total budget, total impressions, total engagements, and ROI.

Rikke, Director of Customer Success

We get your pains and know how to fix them!

Do you find it tough to discover new, relevant influencers and spend too much time on manual influencer marketing? Are you dealing with headaches from reporting? We’ve got you covered with Woomio, the ultimate influencer tool for agencies!

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Unlock your power to predict campaign success with Woomio.

We provide a foundation for you to run data-driven influencer collaborations, from discovery to reporting with Woomio as your essential Influencer tool for agencies. Our customer success team offers step-by-step onboarding , while our in-house experts and data scientists are always ready to support your daily work for your clients.

Rikke , Campaign Enablement Team Lead

Optimize your workflow with our essential influencer tool

Woomio enables effective influencer management, ensuring time and budget optimization. Discover ideal influencers, automate data and content collection, and predict campaign success. Improve collaboration value and boost performance by seamlessly combining data from social platforms, Google Analytics, and Search Console.

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With the main features of Woomio’s influencer tools, you can look forward to:

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