The 6 promises you get with Woomio

Build and nurture your influencer CRM

By using Woomio, you get access to detailed influencer data. By that, you can filter and list influencers, give them tags, and write important notes to get to ‘know’ them – and their target audience – before you reach out. Showing that you know the influencers’ lifestyle and personal values gives a good first-hand impression and makes you able to argue why you could be the perfect collab.

In other words: You get all preconditions to convince the influencers, make them positive ambassadors for your brand, and build and nurture lasting relations with them via Woomio.

Make your processes fast and streamlined as Olympic swimmers

Woomio makes it easy for you to streamline and standardize your influencer marketing. You can therefore look forward to becoming a juggle maestro with everything from structured and automated campaign management to clever shortcuts and bulk actions. This means that you can finally get rid of yawny Excel spreadsheets, manual work, and wasted time.

Predict and act on tomorrow’s tasks today

You get insights into all the data and analytics you need to qualify influencers. You and your team also get to predict performance, so you make sure that you work with influencers who can help you reach your campaign goal within your budget. By always having the upper hand serve, you also get to make aligned and confident decisions when choosing influencers and planning campaigns.

Build - and keep - your inhouse-knowledge

You and your team will kickstart your influencer marketing 3.0 journey with thorough onboarding and training. Also, based on a close dialogue with one of our influencer marketing specialists, you get a customized playbook that covers all your influencer marketing activities.

This ensures that you and your team members know what to do and follow the same procedures in all situations when working with your influencer marketing.

Most importantly, the playbook ensures that your unique knowledge doesn’t leave the company, when someone in your team, for instance, is sick, goes on maternity leave, or resigns.

Get your own influencer marketing specialist

Our influencer marketing specialists are your added value and key to helping you succeed with your influencer marketing strategy. They have been sitting on both the brand’s, agency’s, and influencer’s side of the table and therefore see perspectives and blind spots on a 360-degree scale.

This guarantees that you always can get help and answers to your questions. And also, ask for a professional ‘back-and-forth’ to move your working processes in a better direction while moving your brand forward.

Report on your impact

With Woomio, you get all valuable insights on your campaigns, including the number of impressions, content overview, audience coverage, and conversion data.

By that, you can always measure and prove your impact to make your influencer marketing become an integrated – and supporting – part of your business strategy.