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Customers and food influencers are having conversations about brands on social media.

Get them to talk about yours.

Did you know that:

We eat with our eyes first, they say. Social media seems to agree: Influencers who make visual content encourage 94% more engagement than those who write text alone.

Even if you don’t eat numbers for breakfast (pun intended), we guess it didn’t take you many seconds to conclude that 94% is an impressive number. So are these:

86% of Millennials try a new restaurant after seeing food-related content on social media.
87% of 18-34 year-olds use social media to discover new food or recipe ideas.
The food industry reach an engagement rate of 7.38% when they use influencer marketing on Instagram. That’s 5 times more than what the food industry reaches on average with their in-house branding.

Now (or yesterday, actually) is a wise time to surf the influencer marketing wave that keeps getting higher.

And a data-driven influencer marketing tool will tell and help you reach, engage, and sell to your dream customers.

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Hear it from So Social!

“For us, Woomio has made it easier and faster for us to make data-based decisions on influencer collaborations and convey these to our clients. The data accompanied with our qualitative analysis has ultimately created better influencer campaigns for our customers.”

Make topnotch 
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Woomio: Your data-driven tool for topnotch influencer marketing

By using Woomio, you have all you need to achieve your KPIs faster and nail your influencer marketing strategy:

You get a support-your-every-move tool. It can help you find food influencers who knows how to inspire and engage your target audience. The ones who can turn your product into make how-to videos and Instaworthy content and direct your dream customer to your (web)shop or eatery. No matter if it’s the food planner, impulse buyer, or foodie.

Data =

As an add-on, we set you up with an influencer marketing specialist who, in close dialogue with you, create your playbook.

As an add-on, we ally you with an influencer marketing specialist who will act as your account manager and sparring partner whenever you need it (and when you don’t know you need it).

This will make your team aligned and confident in all decisions and processes and thereby help you scale your influencer marketing efforts.

Woomio supports your everyday influencer marketing tasks since you can:

Sounds pretty cool, right?
If you’re curious to get some tips and best practices for the Woomio tool, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us to get a demo.
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