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Guide to Influencer Dark Posting

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Author: Maibrit Hovedskou

Published: January 13, 2023

Social media marketing is a field with numerous opportunities. If your brand is not familiar with it, most probably you fall behind the competition.

Certainly, there are various ways to promote your company using social media channels. Among the most profitable are collaborations with influencers and paid ads.

Now you have the chance to combine different approaches to achieve even higher ROI from your campaigns. Got your interest so far? Keep reading.

Have you ever heard of influencer dark posting? To break the term down, this is a way to combine the benefits of different advertising methods. In other words, it brings all influencer marketing, native advertising and precise targeting of Facebook Business Manager together. As a result, you can achieve a wider reach for your brand and an optimized content strategy. It is expected that this will be one of the hottest Influencer Marketing trends for 2020.

What does Influencer Dark Posting mean?

As I have already said, Influencer Dark Posting brings all influencer handles, authentic content, and precise audience targeting together. It allows brands to optimize influencers’ content and to reach audiences beyond content creators following base.

Such posts do not appear on the influencer’s timeline, nor the brand’s page. Instead, they are shown on the selected number of users, corresponding to chosen targeting criteria.

As you can see that these ads, which were created by brands, rather look like real influencer posts. The small sponsored tag on top is the only difference. Often, posts like that include a call-to-action and are reusable respectively adjustable to different target segments.

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Benefits of Influencer Dark Posting

Digital marketing has changed drastically in the last few years. One of the main trends, and perhaps the most concerning one for businesses, is the decreasing organic reach.

But with Facebook Business Manager a marketer can unlock new consumer acquisition channels, and accomplish much higher performance in terms of connecting with customers. As a result, there is no more need to rely on social media algorithms to show your brand.

Influencer Dark Posting allows reaching the most relevant audience for your brand and applies niche targeting. This is especially beneficial to brands focused on distinct segments.

Moreover, the content might be distributed across other relevant social media audiences, while traditional influencer marketing content is limited due to their community only.

Do not rely on social media algorithms to promote your brand!

Last but not least, many studies show that consumers engage more often with other people’s content instead of brand content. With Influencer Dark Posting a brand can still take advantage of influencers’ authenticity but achieve much better results.

Combine the benefits of influencers authenticity, native advertising, and niche targeting of Facebook Business Managaer. The ROI is worth it.

How does Influencer Dark Posting work?

Many companies are already familiar with Influencer Marketing and have included partnerships in their media strategy.

After finding the right influencer, brands must secure rights to advertising access.

Secondly, influencers need to grant this advertising permission from their social media account to the brand’s business manager.

The next step is the actual content production, which will later be used for the dark post.


Social media is changing fast, as well as advertising practices on platforms. Consequently, new challenges for marketers arise. They include decreased organic reach, mistrust in brand messages, and hardships in targeting.

Anyway, marketers can overcome all of these pitfalls thanks to the combination of different advertising strategies. In other words, by implementing Influencer Dark Posting.

In conclusion, Influencer Dark Posting combines all benefits of influencers’ authenticity, paid reach and niche targeting. This can promise nothing else, but a highly satisfying ROI.



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