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96% of consumers don’t trust ads. Yikes.

That’s why you need influencer marketing to attract customers to your webshop.

Did you know that:

Businesses earn $6.50 in revenue for each $1 they invest in influencer marketing?

41% of consumers say they discover at least one new brand or product from an influencer every week?

87% of the consumers say they were inspired to buy a product based on what they saw from an influencer?

61% say that they will click a sponsored link from an influencer to find out more about a product?

In other words: You’re in a helluva hurry if you want to find valuable influencer matches before your competitors snatch them.

Influencer marketing is just as important to your webshop as oxygen is to plants.

And as sunscreen on your glow-in-the-dark skin on the first day of summer. And as coffee on the Mondayest Mondays. And as… OK, you get our point.

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Hear it from Flying Tiger!

We cannot do without any of the features. But the main reason for us choosing Woomio was the Customer Success team and the way they prioritize a close partnership and ensuring transparency – like aligning expectations and setting up realistic goals – in all matters.

Also, we highly valued that Woomio was able to help us ‘grow into it’ and build a strong partnership – a team spirit – along the way – and, by that, offering more than a software.

Flying Tiger’s webshop meets influencer marketing: 1,276 units sold in 5 days thanks to a viral TikTok video

Make topnotch
influencer marketing

Woomio: Your data-driven tool for topnotch influencer marketing

Look forward to working days where you can track your effects and work with thought-out budgets: Acting as a data hub, Woomio supports your workflow on a 360-degree scale. Also, it makes the data process behind your influencer campaigns easy and applicable.

With Woomio, you can measure the effects of your efforts to understand which influencers to activate, keep working at, and re-activate.

Data =

We set you up with one of our influencer marketing specialists who will act as your account manager.

In close dialogue with you, the specialist will create your playbook, telling your employees what to do in every situation when working with your influencer marketing. This ensures you have what you need to excel with your influencer marketing (strategy).

With Woomio, you can:

Sounds pretty cool, right?
If you’re curious to get some tips and best practices for the Woomio tool, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us to get a demo.
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