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The Ultimate Guide To Creating An Impressive Influencer Marketing Brief

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Author: Maibrit Hovedskou

Published: January 13, 2023

By implementing Influencers to a media strategy you need to contact them with an Influencer Marketing Brief. With that, a company can take advantage of the fame and credibility of a public figure. This can fill the existing gap between its brand and customers. Such strategies proved to be highly beneficial to an organization’s overall success. Because social media is boomed by collaborations between brands and authentic influencers.

Even though the creation of such a campaign looks like a piece of cake, without a guide or template it has its challenges. For example, the lack of sufficient details about the concept of the campaign can lead to confusion. Also, it can create misunderstanding between the company and the influencer, and therefore to poor performance or even total failure.

How to ensure your campaign’s success?

To avoid such a situation and form the base for success and productive relationships with an influencer, brands have to find a way to ease the communication process. This means the campaign objectives, expectations and guidelines must be clearly outlined.

For that reason, marketers can use an Influencer Marketing Brief to approach influencers and to ensure a better, more productive relationship with them.

What is an Influencer Marketing Brief?

An Influencer Marketing Brief is a document, which sums up the concept of the planned campaign by providing all needed information at just one place, such as objectives, guidelines, and deliverables.

By using such a brief, both the influencer and the brand can be assured that the created content will match with the expectation of spreading a message aligned with the campaign.

From a brand perspective, the creation of a standard document as an Influencer Marketing Brief will save time and energy in explaining the campaign and ensuring its success.

A template, for example, can be used multiple times with just small adjustments for the specific case.

Furthermore, having in mind that Influencer Marketing is based on long-lasting relationships, this form of communication might be the core of developing a long-term influencer strategy.

When to use it?

An Influencer Marketing Brief comes to use when approaching already-known influencers, who have already agreed on working with a certain brand. In other cases, it can be used to reach new influencers to present your product or service.

Ensure that the right influencer is aligned with your brand, campaign and will meet your expectations during the process. Save your precious time and start using Influencer Marketing Brief now. Download our Influencer Marketing Brief template and adjust it according to your campaign.

An Influencer Marketing Brief is a form or a template, which can be used multiple times in approaching Influencers for a certain campaign. Its purpose is to give a clear direction about the idea of the campaign, key objectives, guidelines, and inspiration.

A well-prepared brief gathers all information needed by the influencer to create captivating content. It allows creative freedom while ensuring there is a complete match between expectations and results.

Such a template can save a marketer time and effort once created.

Download your Influencer Marketing Brief template here: 

Use this guide to create an amazing Influencer Marketing Brief

Step 1. Start with basic information

When approaching an influencer, begin with a short introduction to the company. Limit it up to 2-3 sentences, which will give an overview of the organization’s mission and vision. Present as well as the product or service, which has to be promoted, and do not forget to display the company’s logo.

This background information will clarify the purpose of the campaign to the influencer in an understandable way.

Step 2. Introduce the campaign

In this part, describe the concept of the campaign, including the main goal and what you what to accomplish as a result.  Explain what would be the role of an influencer and how exactly they fit into the campaign.

Give the influencer a theme, by presenting the specific message, which the campaign will be based on. Provide some keywords that are crucial for the creation of content.

Determine the deadline -the start and end date of the campaign.

Step 3. Give some details

It is time to be more specific. Instruct them on the must-have elements for each post. This includes important #hashtags, @tags, links, and call-to-action.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, including a guide to designing the post – type, size of the image, length of the video, etc. Give them as well a number of posts you want them to create, how often they have to post, at what time of the day.

If there is other important information, specific to the campaign make sure you put it in.

Step 4. Clarify the SoMe channels?

Decide on social media channels for the campaign.

A useful tip is to check which social media channels are used by your target audience and focus on these media.

Bear in mind that each social media platform is unique and has its own specificities. This means that posts may vary depending on the channel you use, even though it is one campaign.

Always consider all features of a platform compared to your goal of the campaign – live streaming, stories, gifs, textual posts, etc., so that greater success can be achieved.

Step 5. Give some Inspiration

The following step is all about inspiration for the creation of content.

Give an example of a campaign message and messaging points, which have to be included. Take into consideration the fact that, the attention span of a current social media consumer is relatively low.

Insist on content as compelling as possible and restrict yourself from including way too many messaging points. Provide inspirational images or videos, showing what type of visual content your brand seeks.

However, do not forget that the benefit of working with influencers lays behind their authenticity and creativity. Trust their talent and give influencers creative freedom. Avoid giving them concrete post descriptions and scripts. Let them be themselves!

Step 6. Do’s & Don’ts

This list should include everything that the influencer is allowed to do, and correspondingly, not to do during the campaign process.

TIP: It is significantly important to remind them to post corresponding to the FTC guidelines.

Step 7. Leave information of contact and payment

At the end of your brief, it would be nice to list your contact information and details about the payment methods.

Influencer Marketing Brief example

Now you have the complete guide to creating an effective Influencer Marketing Brief.

However, we can save you some time by providing you with this ready-to-use Influencer Brief template.

Ensure that the right influencer is aligned with your brand and campaign and will meet your expectations during the process.

Save your precious time and start using Influencer Marketing Brief now.

Download our Influencer Marketing Brief template and adjust it according to your campaign.



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